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Finding the perfect gift for that special someone can be extremely difficult no matter what the occasion happens to be. Whether it's her birthday, Mother's Day, anniversary or even a "just because" occasion, you want to give her something she will remember and cherish. While the gift of flowers is always a great option at most any time, even the best cared for cut flowers will eventually wither and need to be thrown out. That's why finding great gifts to send with flowers not only gives her something to commemorate the occasion with on a more permanent basis, but takes the occasion to a whole new level of "special."

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Below is a list of great gift ideas that will go nicely with flowers

- Of course, jewelry always makes for a great gift.Unless there's a specific type of jewelry you know she has been wanting, you can give here a necklace, earrings and just about anything else and you know she'll love it.

- While not as "permanent" as jewelry, the memories she will have when you give her tickets to the theater or ballet will be. If she's into some other type of event such as monster trucks or basketball, those tickets would work well too.

- If you are planning the purchase of a new home or car, then giving a set of keys with her flowers will add a great surprise element to the occasion. She will definitely remember how special that gift is.

- For Valentine's Day or for one of those "just because" occasions, a stuffed teddy bear or other stuffed toy makes a gift that she will cherish.

- If she collects particular things like vintage beadwork, art or antiques, locating and acquiring a piece from her favorite artist or finding a piece she's been looking for to add to her collection will definitely be an appreciated gift to give with flowers.

- One truly fun gift (usually) is a puppy or a kitten. If she's expressed a desire to have a pet around the house, giving a gift with flowers and a pet will be a gift she'll appreciate for years (when she doesn't have to clean up after it.)

- Sending a gift basket with spa items like bath beads, candles and bath salts will allow her to relax and enjoy a peaceful bath and enjoy her flowers at the same time.

- A foodie gift basket with special treats and munchies, whether they are the healthy type or the comfort food type is another great idea for sending gifts with flowers.

The best way to ensure you send the perfect gift with your flowers is to be creative, think outside the box, and most importantly, think through who the gift is being given to. You will enjoy the look on her face when she opens the gift and she will remember your thoughtfulness forever.

St paul florists


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